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Total Quality

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About Total Quality Management 2.0

The 4th International Housekeepers' Summit, is set to introduce Total Quality Management 2.0 for Housekeeping, Laundry and Facility Management.

Total Quality Management is a managerial approach, whereby quality is considered to be a determining factor of the organization's/each department's success. Three major characteristics of the TQM are the following: importance of teamwork in the course of goals' unification, focus on customers in the course of defining quality, and a requirement for adoption of the scientific, technological and digitalised approach based on real time data.

The IHS2019 focuses on enhancing the overall performance and quality of delivery as an organisational team using the latest technology and resources in day to day operations. Broadening the scope to improve knowledge base by drawing inference from related services, IHS2019 will have session for housekeeping, laundry and facility management as well.

Eminent speakers, consultants and experience stalwarts from the industry will take you through a two-day knowledge-sharing journey culminating with the much-sought after 3rd Asian Housekeeping Awards during a gala evening on August 29.


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