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Total Quality

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DAY 1 - August 29, 2019 Summit - Day 1


Inauguration Lighting of Lamp

  • Welcome Note
  • Inaugural Address
  • AHA journey - a video
  • Keynote Speech

Session l : Sustaining Quality Service with Key Performance Indicators

The importance of KPIs in the Housekeeping Department.

Session ll : The Olympic Motto - Citius, Altius, Fortius

Anyone who has transited through an airport will witness a frantic pace of activity. While there are always statistics of the number of landings and take offs, the more crucial statistic for Housekeeping is the footfall. Attempting to achieve 'Mission Impossible', Housekeeping services have to be dealt with swiftly and delivered at high standards by strong teams. Here are some of the best practices followed which can be applied in Hotel Housekeeping in order to achieve Total Quality Management. The feasibility is questioned by Hotel Housekeeping experts.

TEA Break

Session lll : Fabricking Processes for Fabric Care - A Case Study

In a revolutionary Hospital Solution for processing linen, this one-of-a-kind plant maintains the highest standards of hygiene and linen care in the country. The couple who successfully conceptualized and implemented this venture share their story.

TQM Activity - Cause and Effect

An Interactive Session


Smart Fabric Care

A demonstration

Session lV : Gender Defender!

A motivational talk with a demonstration of games people play!!!

Session V : Achieving Zero Waste

The responsibility of a sustainable work ethic

Speed Dating - B2B Meetings


Asian Housekeeping Awards Night

Day 2 - August 30, 2019 Summit Day 2


Session Vl : Triumphs over Time

An insight into time management

Sponsor Activity - A test in speed and accuracy!

Session Vll : Defect Free Rooms - in time, on time, every time

The process of achieving Zero Defect Rooms



Demonstration - Smart Machine

Session Vlll: The Changing Face of Housekeeping -Going the FM Way

  • Housekeeping - Benchmarking Beyond Hotels

A perspective view of Housekeeping in a Multiplex

  • Budgeting - Forecasting and Flexibility

A systematic approach to effective budgeting to deliver quality services

  • Real Time Data and Implementation Processes

Digitilization of processes for optimal quality and efficiency

Session lX : Guest Expectations - the Cornerstone of TQM

Mystery shopping as an audit


Session X : Dealing with Guest Complaints

Participants Speak

Closing Ceremony

Vote of Thanks


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